5 Spots to Look Out for Wasps

5 Spots to Look Out for Wasps

Stay safe and hire our Bow and Manchester, NH pest control service

At Tactical Pest Management, LLC, we want you and your family to stay safe from stinging insects throughout the spring and summer. If you’re a New Hampshire homeowner, here are five spots you’ll want to be on the lookout for wasp nests:

  • Beneath your home’s siding.
  • Under your deck.
  • On your backyard swing set.
  • In the corner of your porch.
  • In your tool shed or detached garage.

If you spot a nest, don’t risk your safety by attacking it alone. Call for backup!

We’ll shoo wasps away from your Bow or Manchester, NH property

Let Tactical Pest Management take care of your wasp problem. Our pest control technicians have the chemicals and training to rid your residential space of nasty wasp nests. We’ll hit these dangerous insects right at the source. Call 603-860-1640 to schedule your wasp inspection and extermination.