Maintain a Pest-free Home With Tactical Pest Management

Recurring services for your insect and animal problems in Bow and Manchester, New Hampshire

Depending on the insect or pest issue, you might need pest management with extensive monitoring and treatment to prevent further damage to your home. For instance, if your moisture-prone home has decaying wood, carpenter ants will cut passageways into the wood to form nests, ultimately causing extensive damage to your home’s foundation.

Set up recurring services with our exterminators to control the problem. The team at Tactical Pest Management will make sure your Bow or Manchester, NH home is protected from pests with our effective treatment and maintenance services.

Keep your home safe with Tactical Pest Management

Keep your home safe with Tactical Pest Management

As a homeowner with a large investment, you should have a recurring plan to prevent damage and maintain your property. We’ll provide you with:

  • Free inspections and estimates
  • Quarterly or monthly pest management services
  • Interior treatments aimed at insects already inhabiting your home
  • Exterior treatments targeted at insects before they enter your home
Call 603-860-1640 today and we’ll set up an ongoing pest management plan!