Live in a Pest-Free Home With Tactical Pest Management

Live in a Pest-Free Home With Tactical Pest Management

Pest control and extermination services in Bow and Manchester, New Hampshire

Are ants taking over your kitchen? Have you seen too many spiders hanging from webs in the corners of your living room? Cohabitation with pests is a problem. Let Tactical Pest Management, LLC come to your home to make these uninvited guests leave for good. From wasps and rats to bed bugs and gnats, Tactical Pest Management can get rid of them all.

High-quality service for all your pesky problems

We have over 14 years of experience and professional training in the pest control industry. Our exterminators strive to take care of residential properties and provide you with a pest-free home in Bow and Manchester, New Hampshire. We offer:

  • Pest control and animal exclusion services
  • Pest management with quarterly, monthly or one-time services
  • Follow-up treatments after initial inspection to ensure eviction
  • Free inspections and estimates before treating your home

If your home is starting to look like you decorated for Halloween early this year, we’ll remove all the spider webs from inside and outside your property. This will prevent clusters of spiders and egg sacs from taking up permanent residency in your home.

Hire the pest control professionals at Tactical Pest Management

Hire the pest control professionals at Tactical Pest Management

We want you and your family to live in a home that’s safe from pesky pests and rodents. If your home needs another treatment, we’ll come out and treat the problem areas again for no extra charge. Depending on the amount of pest damage, our experienced exterminators might need to schedule quarterly or monthly spray treatments. We’ll provide the best in chemical treatments to make sure your home is pest-free year-round.

Call 603-860-1640 to schedule your pest management services and receive a free inspection and estimate for your Bow or Manchester, NH property!

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