Mike has been our professional pest and small rodent control for about 5 years now. What an outstanding company. Truly the best pest control ever. Always there. We had major problems with ants in the kitchen among other rooms. Wasps and bees in our eaves and under the railing of our porch. Small rodents (mice) in our garage and shed...we hired Mike and he with his unlimited knowledge of these problems and more...solved all our problems. We have a preventive package with Tactical Pest so we ever have to suffer with these problems again. I am also mighty afraid of bugs in my home so the service keeps bugs OUT and me feeling extremely secure. No bugs in my house. Thanks Mike (and Jess). A very conscientious company for sure.

Janie D.

Pest Control | Hudson, NH

Mike has been the professional that has come to our home a few times now. We hired them after trapping a few mice in our kitchen and we feared more were hiding. Boy were we right!!! So far in the 1 month the traps have been in our house over 10 have been caught as well as a chipmunk in our basement alone! I can't say enough good things about the value of the services they offer as well as the professional customer service they provide. We opted for the quarterly option to have them come out every 3 months to reset the traps and continue to seal the home. After only about a month we had an issue of flies in the basement. They came out quickly and cleared the caught rodents, reset the traps, sealed a new hole that was found in the basement, and all without added charge! They stand by their word of guaranteeing their work. Mike has been awesome at explaining our options, why the mice are in our house, etc. Never once have we felt we were being "sold" anything. We've been given honest feedback and couldn't feel more confident about having chosen the right company! They're they kind of company that you want to recommend them to any and everyone! Pricing is WELL worth the service you receive!!!

Jonathan A.

Control or Eliminate Rodents | Nashua, NH

On Thursday evening I scheduled the appointment for the following Monday. Received a call from Mike who stated he was concerned that inclement weather would created uncertainty with whether or not they could make it on the Monday. That all said, Mike went above and beyond by completing a termite inspection (last minute due to financial institution telling me late in the game that I need a termite inspection to close my refinance) on Friday, less than 24 hours after I had scheduled it. Excellent job and I would recommend to any and all. I gave 4.0 on value for money because I generally feel most services charge quite a bit for the time spent doing the job. The rating isn't specific to Tactical Pest Management. I would probably rate cost to any service like this that I've received although I'm very satisfied.

Control or Inspect for Termites | Northwood, NH

I hired Mike to take care of the mice problem that I have been living with for over a year. Sunday night was the last straw for me. I had just gone to bed and I heard them in my kitchen sink so I got up and I saw the thing run over the sink, to the stove and then behind it. Oh and leaving trails of mice droppings along the way. Every morning I was waking up to droppings all over the kitchen counter and floor. I literally felt like this was their home and I was the visitor. So I looked online for a professional and I found Mike and sent him an email and called the following day. He came to this house yesterday and did a complete home inspection and told me what he could do. I agreed and he went right to work. This morning I woke up without finding the normal droppings. He did say it might take a bit to get this under control but I am seeing results now and I am feeling a little more relaxed here. The one thing he said on his business page is the following "Your satisfaction is our top priority, we will treat you and your family like we treat our own." It is true...all of it!! Thank you Mike!!!

Megan Z.

Control or Eliminate Rodents | Chichester, NH

I would highly recommend Mike for all of you pest control needs. Mike was very friendly, informative, on time and the price as great! Mike explained what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He came right out to us and was done in a timely manner. We were more than happy with his service and now we have a new pest control company which we plan on using several times each year.

Festus J.

Post Control | Barnstead, NH

First, Mike was able to confirm that our problem was not a rodent but ants. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it was to do business with Mike from Tactical Pest Management. During the inspection we asked Mike every question we could think of ranging from types of chemicals to queen carpenter ants and he took the extra time to explain everything to us before and after the initial treatments. He continually kept us updated on things he found and things we should be doing to get rid of these things once and for all and made us comfortable knowing that we could call him at anytime. A+++++

Carl C.

Control or Eliminate Rodents | Suncook, NH