Eliminate Unwanted Furry Critters With Tactical Pest Management

Animal exclusion services in Bow and Manchester, New Hampshire

Are rats scurrying through your interior walls and causing havoc in your home? Excluding wildlife from damaged areas in your home can be the best approach to long-term wildlife control. The wildlife professionals at Tactical Pest Management have the experience and training to quickly identify the offending animal and develop an effective defense.

Premium solutions to rid your home of uninvited guests

Premium solutions to rid your home of uninvited guests

Our trained exterminators provide exclusion services to effectively prevent wildlife from entering your home. We have techniques to help remove rats, mice, bats, squirrels and other small critters that are prone to nesting in homes. Our animal exclusion service includes:

  • Finding entry points that are used by animals
  • Installing a one-way door to allow the animals to get out, but not back in
  • Filling in other entry points and evicting the critters from your home
  • Performing a follow-up inspection to remove all entry points
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